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“Paris a la Margie ... Our trip was complemented by Margie’s vast knowledge of places to go, to see, to experience, and to go fearlessly into some of the wonderful nooks and crannies of exciting and historic Paris. She recommended outstanding restaurants, great shops, interesting areas and made our short stay effective and efficient.  So much to see and taste and unfortunately never enough time.  Margie prioritized historical sites and museums as well as gave us directions, advice, and specific information about how to best explore.  Her advice was extremely valuable and helpful. We have no doubt that her enthusiasm and knowledge added to our fabulous Paris vacation. I'd follow Margie anywhere!"
Jeanne C., Solvang CA


“It is clear that Margie loves Paris.  She enjoyed showering us with ideas, places, neighborhoods and hints.  Every evening we reviewed her materials so in the morning our days were mapped out and ready.  Her enthusiasm was contagious.  We were treated with kindness by the locals who I had always heard could be difficult.  Perhaps they felt and saw the joy in our eyes.  We were lucky and wise enough to have the right ‘guide.’  The best way to go is prepared.”
Susan S., Nashville TN


“Visiting Paris with Margie Rubin sitting on your shoulder is a very valuable experience.  With her knowledge, suggestions and clear, detailed instructions for getting from point A to B to C, etc., my friends and I saw more of the sights of Paris in a week than most people see in several visits.  From the star attractions to the tucked away places, we experienced so much.  A tiny restaurant on a hard-to-find street offering just the few dishes the proprietor decided to make that day was something we never would have found on our own and we enjoyed tremendously.  Brava, Margie.”
Meryl G., New Jersey


“Margie Rubin lives and breathes Paris.  We were lucky enough to be introduced to her by a mutual friend before making our first extended (2 week) trip to Paris.  After asking a few questions, she was able to suggest options tailored to our interests.   Our enjoyment of Paris on that trip and the many subsequent trips we have made since have definitely been enhanced by her insider's knowledge of Paris.  Everyone should have a knowledgeable resource like Margie to help ensure you make the most of your precious vacation time in a city with endless possibilities!”
Marie and Steve E., Cardiff CA


“I have always been overwhelmed with all the restaurant choices in Paris, but Margie’s recommendations eliminated all that stress and were spot on. Tired from a long overnight trip on the day we arrived, we wanted to eat lunch in a casual setting close to our apartment. We found the perfect place on Margie’s list just minutes away. The food was excellent, and the prices were reasonable. The best dinner we had was at a neighborhood restaurant that we never would have found without Margie. This lovely, local and very French restaurant had a charming, rustic atmosphere. The waiter was a great help when our French wasn’t good enough to understand all the subtleties of the menu. The food was superb and the chocolate dessert was as out-of-this-world as Margie had described it. Margie also directed us to museums we would not have known to put on our list, and she wisely told us to be sure not to miss the Fete de la Musique on the night of the summer solstice. That evening Paris was more magical than ever!"
Vivian G., Boston MA

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